OCTOBER 22nd, 06 {11:48 pm}
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OCTOBER 5th, 06 {6:08 pm}

this one is history I'm probably not going to delete it just for the memories but I'm deleting all the freinds and stuff. Add the new one if you would like to continue being friends, if not, well it's been fun!

AUGUST 23rd, 06 {6:22 pm}
I'm doing Winner's Walk of Hope on September 10th which is in support of the National Ovarian Cancer Association (NOCA) which is a cause near and dear to my heart since I lost my Nana to Ovarian Cancer four years ago and my chances of getting the disease are high as well. Ovarian Cancer has often been called the silent killer because one can have it for months and show no symptoms at all (like in my grandmother's case, she found out she had it when it was much too late). More research is needed to help prevent and treat the disease faster.

This is the first time they are doing the walk in Victoria and I am very excited to participate, me and my sisters are going to do a team together and we have a goal of raising $400.

If anyone would like to help you can go here to "pledge a walker" you can put in my name, Brittney Landry from Victoria. Or send a random pledge to anyone, it all ends up in a good place. Every penny helps.

If you don't have any money to pledge, that is fine. Just spread the word about Ovarian Cancer and encourage every woman you know to undergo an annual rectovaginal exam.

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I posted this at TB too so if you're seeing this twice, sorry.
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JULY 29th, 06 {1:09 am}

Big Brother wins. Why? Because they were holding this contest for fans, record a message for the houseguests to wake up to. Then they took a poll asking how often they should play the messsage through the night, naturally fans picked 'every 15 minutes.' This shit is way too much fun to watch play out on the live feeds. I'm giddy.

Best part is, they have a veto comp early in the morning. LMFAO.

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JULY 24th, 06 {2:53 pm}

ILU let's have seKs.
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JULY 17th, 06 {3:34 pm}
WOO! I'm leaving in a few hours to go to Whistler for a few days with Beth. I love you all, don't have too much fun without me!
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JULY 4th, 06 {5:50 pm}

So pumped, thankyouverymuch.
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JULY 1st, 06 {1:46 pm}

I'm going to Folk Fest this afternoon and then I'm doing the whole party thing/fireworks tonight. SO PUMPED.

I need to update about last night later, because clearly it was amazing.
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JUNE 21st, 06 {2:00 pm}

Okay, YES it's a reality show. YES, it's stupid. YES, it's degrading and horrible blahblahblah. I STILL LOVE IT.

What other show can we sit at home and watch people pick their asses, hook up, and make soup 24 hours a day? Oh and it is so worth it when they all get drunk and start screaming at each other. The feeds make the show so great.

I think I like the UK version better though because they are all crazy and it's much more entertaining, plus they aren't allowed to talk about the game so they don't have lame alliances. OH and whenever they start talking about something boring Big Brother asks them to switch the topic. How awesome is that?

Yeah so just to warn you all, you will be seeing lots of these big brother posts over the next three months. I apologize in advance.
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JUNE 18th, 06 {3:27 pm}
I know none of you actually care but I love Jeff Buttle. Not just because he is a good skater but I think he has the most adorable personality, I want him to be my best friend. When I met him in May I ran up to him and went "Hiiiiiiiiiiii!" in a really squeaky voice, to which he responded "Hiiiiiiiiiiii!" in a really squeaky voice. Okay, you had to be there to understand why it was so amazing.

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This was taken on the ferry to Victoria (to see me obviously. OH HAYYY) and look, everyone is all serious, and then you have Jeff wedged in between Jamie and David mugging for the camera.

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